In the centre of the neighbourhood called “Magdalena”, I have my bagpipe workshop. It’s the Illustration neighbourhood. Folk is not foreign to this part of the city. Ramón Villar Ponte or Xaime Quintanilla, both of them important galician writers at the beginning of XX century, worked next to my workshop trying to build up our identity as Galician nation. Besides, Ferrol was always a land of good bag pipers, as “Os Veigas”, Constantino Bellón, “Os Estrobos”, “Os Raparigos”, and my father too, Manuel García Pereira, known as Lolete, from whom I inherit my other vocation. I am very grateful to the bag-piper and artisan Antón Varela, from whom I had been learning the profession of making bagpipes for more than ten years, for having called me in 2017 and offering me to take charge of his workshop.
I am proud of balancing my profession as an artisan and my passion of playing the bagpipe. I know that my job, supporting Galician folklore, is very slight but, as Illustration women and men, I hope I will take one more step so as to our craftwork and music become a model in folk universe.

I would like you to visit my webpage and I would be glad to welcome you in my workshop “Obradoiro de
Gaitas Marcos”, located in 184, Rúa Magdalena in Ferrol.